Road Blocker

Image module
  • Material : Mild Steel
  • Raised Height : 600-1000 mm (Adjustable)
  • Power Requirement : 3 Phase, 50-60 Hz
  • Authorities approved : EPA, NFPA
  • D-Type Hydraulic Road Blocker
  • Rising Surface Mount Hydraulic Road Blocker
  • Shield Surface Mount Hydraulic Road Blocker

There are some high-sensitive areas where unauthorized vehicles are not allowed to enter, to prevent the entrance of such unauthorized vehicles, road blockers are used. The road barriers are installed on the roads after digging a shallow base.

The other category of road blockers is surface mounted, we can lower such road blockers to clear the passage for vehicles and raise them to act as a barrier for stopping the entrance of any vehicle. The road blockers can be operated manually and automatically. The road blockers are installed in areas that are highly sensitive like military areas, embassies, and government sectors.

These road blockers can destroy the vehicles used in terrorist attacks. So, other than stopping the vehicles they can also destroy the cars.

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