Road Studs/ Cat Eye

Image module
  • Easy to Install
  • Compact designs
  • Eye-catching texts and symbols
  • Longer service life and flawless
  • Vehicle tyre friendly
  • Excellent reflectivity
  • Size available: 90mm x 100mm x 16mm 104mm x 104mm x 22mm
  • Colors available: Black / Yellow / Red / White colors.
  • Reasonable price

Catโ€™s eyes are used to having a safe drive on the road. While driving, drivers have to face many tough conditions like darkness or hard weather conditions which involves fog or rain, and on construction sites, there can be a lot of dust, all these factors make the vision unclear and the drivers need some extra lights on the roads for indication.

When the drivers are driving in such hard conditions, the only headlights are not enough, and the catโ€™s eyes are necessary, which provide help in driving. In such conditions, if the road is not equipped with the required road safety equipment โ€˜catโ€™s eyesโ€™ then there is a lot of chance of accidents and loss of lives.

The structure of Catโ€™s eyes is very unique to ensure its durability. A white rubber dome contains two pairs of retroreflectors, mounted in iron cast housing. The above-mentioned structure of the catโ€™s eyes makes them able to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles passing by the roads and the tough weather conditions.

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