Fire hose reel testing is used to verify the functioning and access of the Fire hose reel systems installed in the areas. Maximum protection from fire is ensured by fire hose reel testing.

The main purpose of fire hose reels is to provide water to the firefighting equipment, so that this equipment can work immediately in case of a fire incident to take control over the fire.

The areas which are equipped with fire hose reels have maximum protection against fire. The people, building, and all the assets inside the building are at the minimum risk due to the installed fire hose reels.

As we know that fire hose reels are connected with water supply so these can we only be used to extinguish the wood and paper fires, using water on electric, oil and petrol fires because throwing water on these materials will cause more damage.

Time for fire hose reel testing:


Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) ltd provides the inspection for the firefighting equipment as frequently as you want but it is recommended to check your fire hose reels after every six months and yearly as well.

After every six months our experts will check the accessibility, signage, operating instructions, damage, testing parts, nozzle interlock, swing arm, unwind, flow, leakage, and record label.

Yearly, the technicians will check anchor points, hose guides, fittings, damage in hose or bearings, fire hazards and obstructions.

Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd:


Our company Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) ltd, provides the services for fire hose reel testing at reasonable prices in Pakistan. We also provide a detailed record of each and every tested part and also refers you the next date for testing of your equipment. As well as, we can give you a reminder if you ask for. Your search is over if you are looking for the best shop near me for fire hose reel testing. Contact us now!

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