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  • Mirror Size : 12″
  • Max Rods Length : 42″ to 51″
  • Wheel Qty : Tripod ball bearing caster wheels
  • Material : Aluminum Rod/ Acrylic Lens
  • Lighting Source: LED Torch
  • Material: HT200, SS304, Bronze


The item you are viewing is an amazing Under Vehicle Search Mirror with Wheels. This equipment has many special characteristics. The owing of the castle wheel design makes it to move the mirrors easily for searching. The mirror is a 12″ convex acrylic mirror, which is high strength shatterproof and has the only half weight of the ordinary size glass mirror. This mirror is bright and not easy to break and can efficiently prevent collision damage to itself. Besides this Under Vehicle Search Mirror is equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment and adjustable torch mount to have the ideal light source, which will bring you a lot of conveniences. Another special aspect is the lightweight adjustable handle, which is with black foam cotton and owns good grip. And the handle has two types, one type is easy to coordinate and search on the ground, while the other is an ergonomically designed handle and suitable for light raised searching task.And the overall material of the product accords with the ROHS process standard, .

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