Image module


  • Analog HD, 720P/1080P
  • Long-distance transmission, Non-delay
  • Open standard for good compatibility, Easy operation
  • High-Integrate for the high-quality reliable transmission


Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd supplies, installs and maintains CCTV systems for retail shops, government agencies, individual homes, industrial and commercial complexes in Pakistan. From providing CCTV DVR of 4,8,16 channels & PC based CCTV DVR inclusive of monitor to helping local customers with digital CCTV camera, Day & Night and IR Camera setups, we perform everything with the unequaled care and attention, no matter whatever the range of their security demands. We have also the capacity to provide and install Day & Night, IR Camera, DVR of 4,8,16 channels & PC based DVR including monitor, complete in all with respect installation and testing commissioning.

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