List of Fire Safety Equipment Which are available in 2022

List of Fire Safety Equipment Which are available in 2022

Fire safety equipment
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Fire safety equipment:

Fire safety equipment is a necessity of the present era because it can save the environment from huge losses and pollution caused by fire. Fire is a hazardous incident, which if takes place may cause an irrecoverable loss. The fire outbreak can damage living as well as non-living things.

The fire can easily burn the houses, shops, schools, offices hospitals, and other buildings, and the persons present inside the buildings, and in the surroundings of those buildings.

Fire is a triangle of:

  • Oxygen:It is a gas readily and abundantly available in the air. It cannot be drawn from the atmosphere because we, human beings, live due to taking a breath with the help of oxygen.
  • Fuel:The things that burn due to the fire are called the fuel of fire. the fire spread because of this fuel. If the fuel will be less the scale of fire will be lower and if the fuel will be more the scale of fire will be higher.
  • Heat (ignition source:Without an ignition source, the fire cannot be initiated. For example, we can turn on a stove with the help of a flame of match stick or an electric spark.

With the help of these three elements, a fire triangle completes and gives rise to a fire hazard. The heat produced with the ignition source starts burning the material called the fuel of the fire and oxygen present in the air, aids the fire to keep burning.

Fire can be controlled if one of the three elements is cut down from the fire triangle. You can take away either oxygen, fuel, or heat. Fire safety equipment functions on the respective idea i.e the fire safety equipment are designed in such a way that it cut down the supply of any one of the three elements from the fire triangle and extinguishes it. Consequently, saving the environment from hazards.

The fire safety equipment works on the following ways to extinguish the fire:

  1. Cooling:In this method, we remove heat element from the fire. we can either cool the fire by throwing water, using a water type fire extinguisher or we can use foam type fire extinguishers.
  2. Starvation:Starvation means lack of food, as we human beings grow by eating food similarly fire grows because of burning of fuel. If we remove fuel from the fire scene it will not be able to spread and will be extinguished.
  3. Smoothering:In this method we cut off the supply of oxygen. We can stop the supply of the oxygen from the fire triangle by using the following fire safety equipment like Co2 fire extinguishers, DCP fire extinguishers and fire blanket.
  4. Chain breaking reaction:In this method, we use agents that interfere the chemical chain reaction i.e the products of combustion and heat is taken away through the agents of fire safety equipment. We can use DCP fire extinguishers or fire blankets.

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As we can see there are different names of one hose, so do not get confused with that.


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Fire protection equipment:

Fire protection equipment is important for firefighting. Here we are making you familiar with the fire safety protection equipment that comes under the category of fire safety equipment.

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