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FM 200 fire suppression system in Pakistan

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  • Medium : Cylinder
  • Chemical Name : Heptafluoropropane
  • Chemical formula : C3HF7
  • Density: 1.46 g/cm3 at -16 °C
  • Activation Time : 10 seconds

Fire Suppression System

FM 200 fire suppression system is an efficient fire fighting equipment that quickly suppresses the fire. Another name for the FM 200 fire suppression system is HFC-227ea.

FM 200 fire suppression system
FM 200 fire suppression system

Fire Safety Pvt Ltd is concerned about your safety and provides all kinds of fire fighting equipment including an FM 200 fire suppression system.

fm200 fire fighting system is used for suppressing the fire of classes A, B, and C. It is a clean agent fire suppression system. It is designed according to the NFPA standard 2001 clean agent fire extinguishing system.fm200 gas suppression

fm200 clean agent fire suppression systems quickly remove the fire and do not leave any leftovers behind, therefore, they can be used in confined spaces. Clean agents disperse in the environment after extinguishing the fire and cause less global warming.

Fm 200 System Specification

FM 200 is a gas, which is liquified under high pressure and then the cylinder of FM 200 fire suppression system is filled with that gas. The nitrogen gas is used to pressurize the FM 200 gas. When FM 200 fire suppression system is activated, the liquified FM 200 attains the gaseous form and disperses on the fire to extinguish it. 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane the chemical name of FM 200 gas. It is also known as hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) 227ea. This fire suppression system is a good replacement for Halon fire suppression system. read more

Fm 200 fire suppression system how it works ?

FM 200 fire suppression system extinguishes the fire by taking out the heat and breaking the fire triangle.

The fire triangle is made up of three elements heat, oxygen, and fuel. FM 200 gas suppresses the fire by taking the heat element and providing the cooling effect. It takes just ten seconds or less to extinguish the fire.

FM 200 advantages:

1- FM 200 gas is a clean agent and not toxic for the people, therefore, it can be used in congested places even in the presence of people.

2- The FM 200 fire suppression system does not damage machinery and electrical equipment because it does not leave any leftover.

3- FM 200 is a cheaper clean agent than the other clean agents like Novec 1230. so, by using it you can save your money.

4- Just a little amount of FM 200 is enough for extinguishing a fire, therefore, you need to keep less number of cylinders of FM 200.

FM 200 disadvantages:

1- In comparis on with the other clean agents, the global warming potential of FM 200 is a bit higher.

2- FM 200 uses Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) for suppressing the fire, it is not as much as eco-friendly as the other clean agents.

Fm 200 system full form

FM200 is the commercial name given to it by its makers, DuPont. Its technical name is ‘heptafluoropropane’ and it is a colourless, odourless halocarbon.

What is the chemical name for FM 200 gas?

1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane is the chemical name of FM 200 gas. It is also known as hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) 227ea.

Is FM 200 gas dangerous?

FM 200 gas is not dangerous if used according to the manufacturers’ instructions. The vapors of FM 200 have low or no effect on the eyes and skin but in liquid form, it can cause Frostbite. It should not be inhaled for a longer period of time.

What is the difference between FM 200 and Novec 1230?

If we compare FM 200 and Novec 1230, they are similar in some aspects but different in others. They both leave no leftovers, therefore, easy to use in confined spaces, and do not damage the equipment. Both have a clean agent as a fire suppression agent. Novec 1230 contains fluoroketon instead of hydrofluorocarbon. For extinguishing a fire, less quantity of FM 200 is required than the Novec 1230. Both are environmentally friendly and do not cause harm to the ozone layer. Comparatively, Novec 1230 has low global warming potential (GWP).

Fm200 price

We have seen the benefits of FM 200 fire suppression system. It is worth installing in the buildings for suppressing the fire.FM 200 Fire Suppression System Price in Pakistan, vary according to the size and brands.fm200 price per kg depend on usd dollar  fm200 gas refilling price fm 200 system price

Fire Safety Trading PVT Ltd:

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Fm 200 fire suppression system pdf

Our company Provide UL Listed FM 200 fire suppression system Click the three dots below  and download now its simple standards broachers pdf file .akronex fm200

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