Fire safety equipment in Pakistan

Fire safety equipment in Pakistan

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Fire is a ferocious force that destroys without caution hence we need to be well prepared to fight. And for that, we need to be rightly aware of the safety equipment that can become our saving grace.

In Pakistan, there are many types of fire safety equipment available that help should a critical condition arise. Are you looking for the best Fire Safety Equipment in Pakistan? We at Fire Safety Trading Pvt Ltd believe in prevention and so to begin we have all essential, well-certified fire safety equipment available so that you and your surroundings remain safe.

Following are the Fire Safety Equipment provided by the Fire Safety Items Company:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Extinguishers
  • Hose Reels
  • Sprinklers
  • Buckets

Fire safety equipment in Pakistan

Now, this equipment depends upon the size, construction, environment, and type of building. A building/house may contain some or perhaps all the following features:

Smoke Detectors

As the name indicates this equipment detects smoke caused by any fire and immediately alerts the residents of that building so, they may evacuate the premises and in addition, also alert the fire department. They activate water sprinklers that should/may be installed in the building to lessen the damage. It is a very much essential tool that we surely provide you with.

Fire Extinguishers

These are generally used by the people residing in the building to help and control the spread of fire. Most fires start at small which is why they can be extinguished if the proper agent is used. Its types include water, foam, dry chemical, wet chemical powder, and CO2 Extinguisher. They are ideal for Class B fires. Check our Fire Extinguishers.

Hose Reels

Fires that are caused by paper, rubber, and other non-conductive materials can be put out by fire hose reels. The nozzle end is attached to the hose reel valve and then the fire is exterminated. It is ideal for commercial and residential buildings throughout Pakistan. They are ideal for Class A fires.


As also mentioned in the first point sprinklers help extinguish the fire. About 90% of fires are stopped from further spreading which helps prevent a major injury.


The fire blankets are non-flammable. They do not allow any oxygen to pass through them with their tolerance being up to 900 degrees. These are ideal for Class F fires.


A fire bucket on hand can protect people and surroundings from damages caused by fire.
It consists of steel or aluminum along with a lining of plastic. Water or sand is inserted in these buckets, and they are placed in areas for protection in case of fire. One main advantage of these buckets is that they can be easily stored until used again.

Following are the main places where fire safety equipment is used:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Medical centers
  • Home and offices
  • Schools and colleges
  • Oil stations
  • Rooms containing electrical equipment

Fire does not come with a warning. We need to be fully prepared for such a hazard with an evaluation plan. Therefore, at Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd we do the thinking for you and are always ready to provide the necessities and much more. Your Safety is Our Priority.

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