Smoke Detectors in Pakistan

Smoke Detectors in Pakistan

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What is a Smoke Detector:

A smoke detector is invented to sense smoke. It indicates a fire because smoke is produced when the fire burns. Smoke detectors are part of a fire alarm system, and the commercial smoke detector sends signals to the fire alarm control panel. The household smoke detectors produce an audible alarm or visual signal. Household smoke detectors are also called fire alarms.

The smoke detectors are enclosed in plastic coatings. The formation looks like a disc which is around 6 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness. They also come in different sizes and shapes. The design makes them compact and durable and gives them an adorable look.

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Smoke Detectors
Smoke Detectors

There are two methods of detecting smoke, one is optical i.e photoelectric and the other is physical i.e ionization. Some detectors use both methods and the others use any one of both. They are used to detect smoke in prohibited areas, like in petrol pumps.

In commercial areas and industries, the smoke detectors are linked with a central fire alarm system. At the domestic level, they may be single units to operate with batteries, or many detectors are interconnected which are also operated with batteries, there is also a battery backup for them. If one smoke detector senses the smoke, all interconnected alarms will ring. The fire alarm will work even in the absence of electricity.

Smoke detectors are designed to give a sense of satisfaction and make you free from worries because they detect the fire at just beginning which can be easily suppressed with the aid of fire fighting equipment like fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Be careful to choose the fire fighting equipment according to your requirements. Different classes of fire require different types of fire suppression equipment.

Benefits of smoke detectors:

The installation of smoke detectors and fire alarms at home greatly saves the losses of lives and equipment. This is possible because with the help of smoke detectors the fire can be controlled at its initial stages.

Maintenance of smoke detectors:

It is important to check the maintenance of smoke detectors because they save us from great losses. Keep on changing the batteries after a particular time.

Types of smoke detectors:

There are two types of smoke detector, these are divided into two categories because of their working method. The fire alarms work either on the method of photoelectric or ionization. They sense the smoke differently. The different classes of fire produce different smoke. The photoelectric and ionization fire alarms sense the smoke from flaming fires and smoldering fires. Ionization fire alarms can fastly detect the smoke from flaming fires, on the other hand, photoelectric fire alarms can detect the smoke from smoldering fires. You can choose the one from both types of smoke detectors, depending upon the places where you want to keep them and what kind of fire the place can catch. Appropriate smoke detector will alert faster.


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