DCP Powder / Dry Chemical Powder:

DCP Powder / Dry Chemical Powder:

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Dry Chemical powder also known as DCP is used in Dry Chemical Fire extinguishers. This type of fire extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing Class A, Class B, and Class C fires. The price of Dcp powder in Pakistan depends upon the purchased quantity.

The DCP powder is based upon mono ammonium phosphate. It has the ability to suppress the different classes of fire that make it multipurpose for use.

 Uses of the DCP powder:


The uses of DCP powder are as follows:

Class A fire:


The causes of class A fire include burning of the wood, paper, or garbage. The Dcp powder melts at 350- 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence soothing the fire you may also learn about dcp fire extinguisher.

Class B fire:


The causes of class a fire include burning of the flammable liquid or gas such as petrol, natural gas, kerosene oil, Sui gas, etc. The DCP powder covers the surface that has caught the fire and breaks the reaction, in this way, the Class B fire extinguishers.

Class C Fire:


The causes of class a fire include the electrical equipment.  We cannot use water or other types of fire extinguishers for extinguishing fires caught by electrical equipment since it may cause more damage.  But such fires can be controlled with the help of DCP powder because it is a non-conductor.  Fires caused by electrical equipment can damage a lot of other things.



 Not to use dcp powder:


There are some fires on which DCP powder should not be used, such as chlorine and oxidizer fires.   In this case the chemical reaction will result in an explosion and the release of chemicals and toxic gases.  You should also avoid using the DCP powder on the class D and class K fires.  It may corrode the surfaces so avoid using it on an aircraft.


 Advantages of the dcp powder:


There are certain advantages of the dcp powder including:

1- It can extinguish class a, class B, and class C fires.

2- You can easily refill your DCP fire extinguisher with the help of DCP powder.


 Why do you need DCP powder?


You will need the DCP powder due to certain reasons. The Dry powder chemical fire extinguisher is an important category among fire extinguishers. It is necessary to refill the fire extinguisher after it has been used, or after a specific time even it has not been used.  For this reason, you can purchase only the dry powder chemical instead of purchasing a whole new extinguisher.


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