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The ProFyre manual call point is a unique manual call point that mimics the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user the benefits and environmental advantages of a re-settable operating element. The manual call point uses a simple yet ingenious patented mechanism which consists of a rigid plastic operating element and an over-center spring mechanism. This arrangement provides real action on the operation and simulates break glass activation.
An activation indicator drops into view at the top of the window after the manual call point has been operated. The unit is then simply reset with a key and is ready for re-use straight away.
The ProFyre manual call point is safe for use in all indoor areas including areas where glass cannot be used, e.g. food processing plants and swimming/leisure centres.
The waterproof ProFyre manual call point provides an ideal solution for all outside applications such as oil rigs, ships, factoryโ€™s as well as wash down areas that are sensitive to broken glass.The addressable ProFyre manual call points are compatible with the analogue addressable ProFyre A4, A2 and T8 2-wire fire alarm systems.

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