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  • Integral EN54-4 PSU and battery standby for 24 hours (4 loop panel only)
  • Integral EN54-4 PSU for 72 hours with external batteries (6 loop panel only)
  • Vigilonโ€™s advanced sensing technology
  • Powerful processing quickly and identifies real fires
  • PC based commissioning tools allow complex fire plans
  • Advanced loop card technology
  • Allows for system status monitoring and diagnostics


Fully compatible with Honeywell Gent’s innovative S-Quad range – a combined Multi-Sensor range with speech, sounder and EN54-23 Visual Alarm devices in one intelligent unit. The Control panel provides full display and control of the system. Connecting to the detection loop, the repeat panel provides a cost-effective solution with minimum requirements for cabling and installation. Repeat panels are supplied complete with their own 72-hour power supply and standby batteries. you may also learn about Addressable Fire Detection & Alarm System.

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