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Image module


  • Standard socket and relay base
  • Socket adapter for ceiling installation
  • Dust caps optional for fire detectors and detector base
  • Kit for suspended mounting


System benefits:

Optimally matched to the ES Line system.

With multisensor detectors for the detection of all fires, even under the most difficult operating conditions

Up to 30 detectors per detection group.

Reliable detection:

Uniform response sensitivity of the detector for all different types of fire for the multisensor detectors

Large distance between signal and interference magnitudes due to special sensor and electronics design for suppressing electromagnetic influences

Automatic adaptation to varying environmental influences

Electronic compensation of long-term influences of contamination or aging

Reliable false alarm suppression:

High reliability against false alarms by temporal evaluation of different sensor criteria

Exclusion of signal forms not typical of fires through special filter algorithms

Automatic self-monitoring of the detector electronics

Automatic self-monitoring of sensors for function and condition

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