FM 200 Fire Suppression System China

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  • Medium : Cylinder
  • Extinguishing Agent : FM200 Gas
  • Pressure of the Agent : 424 psi
  • Material of Cylinders : Steel
  • Density of gas : 621kg/m3
  • Activation Time : 10 seconds
  • Frequency of Alarm sound : 120 dB


FM200 fire suppression system is widely available for protecting the people and property from any critical data from fire hazards. It provides the greatest coverage in a short time span. FM-200 is stored as a liquefied compressed gas discharged into the protected area as a vapour. This system discharges chemicals in 10 seconds and smothers the combustible material, liquids, and other chemicals before they bring about significant damages. It extinguishes the fire by using only a small amount of agent. After extinguishing it does not leave any residue. It is ideal to use in occupied spaces. It discharges FM200 gas which is a mixture of carbon, fluorine, and hydrogen.

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